Bagg's Tree Buskers
Playing Jazz and Popular Music
The band was formed to play at the head of a procession for the 1997 Harwell Feast. We enjoyed the experience so much, we kept practising, and now do a mixture of engagements from fetes to birthday parties to concerts in old people's homes to pubs ... wherever anyone wants us.

After covering our costs, we use our income to support local charities.

You can book us by emailing our leader at:
Our current main line up is:

Tony Hughes, the leader, on cornet/flugelhorn, Debbie Greenfield on saxophones,
Helen Young on clarinet, Jim Sinclair on banjo / guitar, Philip King (a.k.a. Muon Man ) on bass and David Evans is on piano/keyboard. Martin Gibson is on guitar when Jim can’t make it, plus we have a number of less regular associates.